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Heavy-Duty Hammer Crusher

Author : Hongji

Features of heavy hammer crusher:

The machine adopts thin oil lubrication system,can prolong the service life of the bearing more than 200%,can reduce the maintenance cost of more than 50%,effectively improve the production efficiency.

It can be a molding,so can reduce the cost of about 35%.Is a low energy consumption,low investment of equipment.

It can break wet material,that is to say,when broken stone to add water to reduce the dust pollution,protect workers' health and a good work environment.

This company produces the crusher,capacity 500-3000t/h,to meet the requirements of customers.

Advantages of heavy-duty hammer crusher:

1.Thin oil lubrication, maintenance free and low cost

2.Multi-usage, stone grain shape is good

3.Provide 500-3000 t/h environmentally aggregate production line.

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