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Coal Gasifier

Coal Gasifier

Type  :  Dryer Equipment       Capacity  :  60-840kg/h

Application field  :  The coal gasifier is widely used in metallurgical,mechanical,chemical industry,nonferrous metal industry and other industries.  
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Here are images of applicable product line:

  • Lightweight Aggregate Production line
  • 200-300 T/H Sand Making Production Line
  • 150-200 T/H Sand Making Production Line
  • 100-150 T/H Sand Making Production Line
  • 60-100 T/H Sand Making Production Line

Hongji Group Product Superiority

Coal Gasifier is one of the high production capacity and high gasification efficient gasifier.The coal gasifier is widely used in metallurgical,mechanical,chemical industry,nonferrous metal industry and other industries.

It is used to convert the combustible matter into combustible gas which could utilize the industrial gas and heating various furnaces or the products directly.The coal gasifier has the characteristics of high yield,high efficiency,convenient to operate and better adaptability.

Hongji Group Coal gasifier is the process of producing syngas- a mixture consisting primarily of methane (CH4) carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O)- from coal and water,air and/or oxygen.

Historically,coal was gasified using early technology to produce coal gas (also known as "town gas"), which is a combustible gas traditionally used for municipal lighting and heating before the advent of industrial-scale production of natural gas.

Coal gasifier use water steam and air as gasifying agent,react with coal at 1000 celsius high temperature and generate gas,its main components are nitrogen, hydrogen,carbon dioxide,methane,etc.

spare parts of coal gasifier

When the fuel of coal is into the furnace by the coal machine,reacts with gasifying agent (air + water vapor) by the lower part of the drum,then the gasification happen, and along the bed height direction from bottom to top,there are five layers: the ash layer,oxide layer,reduction layer,carbonization layer,drying layer.

The furnace is a clean coal technology, provide a cheap and controllable heat source for all kinds of metal heat treatment furnace,heating furnace for forging, mold shell roasting furnace,the hot air drying furnace,distillation equipment etcThere is a wide range of use. 

The Working Principle of Coal Gasifier

1. Ash layer:the coal come down from the top,the gas agent go up from the bottom.

2. Oxide layer:also called burning layer,thermal chemical reaction,the O with heat in the air reaction to become CO2,release heat.

3. Reduction layer:the coal after heat and together with steam complex reaction become to CO,H2,CH4,O2,CO2,N2 etc,and release heat.

4. Carbonization layer: under 400-500,the volatile and other materials come out, the coal become to coke,the coke come to the reduction layer for chemical action.

5. Dryer layer,to dry the coal gas.

The Structure and configuration of Coal Gasifier

On coal system: on the coal car,winch mechanism,coal rack into the coal sieve, double bell plus coal box.

Gasified furnace system: the water jacket furnace (or half water jacket furnace),the furnace roof,cloth coal fire detection hole,the water loop,the steam loop.

Ash system: grate device,ash tray (or closed) gray structure,drive mechanism.

Blast system: hearth fan,flapper valve.

Instrument: control cabinet,thermal test instrument.

Dust Reduction System: ash bucket,cyclone ,wet disc valve,box-type dust collector.

Drum: steam gas gathering and connecting pipe.

The FAQ of Coal Gasifier

Q: What are the requirements for my coal?

A: Coal size 20-80mm,coke,soft coal,hard coal.Moisture under 6%,fix carbon >60%,coal GCV>5500Kcal/kg

Q: How to choose coal gasifier for my furnace?

A: What fuel you use now for your furnace and consumpton per hour please?coal gasifier

Q: How long to maintaince the gasifier?

A: Half a year onc.And every time you strart the coal gasifier after stop for days.

Q.How long time the coal gasifier working per day?

A: 24 hours per day,no stop.This will save coal and keep steady heat temperature.

Any other questions please feel free to email us or call us directly.

The Configuration and Price of Coal Gasifier:

Different models of Coal Gasifier have different prices. If you want to know the latest information about the selection and design of Hongji Coal Gasifier, please leave us a message or send us emails to

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