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Ultra-Fine Mill

Ultra-Fine Mill

Type  :  Mill Equipment       Capacity  :  300-2000kg/h

Application field  :  Ultrafine grinding mill (tricyclic) is a kind of fine powder and ultrafine powder processing equipment,it is mainly suitable for middle and low hardness,mohs hardness less than 6 class non flammable and explosive of brittle materials,such as calcite,chalk,limestone,dolomite, kaolin,talc,mica,bentonite,magnesite,illite, pyrophyllite,vermiculite,sepiolite,attapulgite,rectorite, diatomite,barite,gypsum,alum stone,graphite,fluorite ore,rock phosphate,potassium,pumice,etc.  
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Introduction of Ultra Fine Mill

Ultrafine grinding mill(tricyclic) is a kind of fine powder and ultrafine powder processing equipment,it is mainly suitable for middle and low hardness,mohs hardness less than 6 class non flammable and explosive of brittle materials,such as calcite, chalk,limestone,dolomite,kaolin,talc,mica,bentonite,magnesite, illite,pyrophyllite,vermiculite,sepiolite,attapulgite,rectorite, illite,diatomite,barite,gypsum,alum stone,graphite,fluorite ore,rock phosphate,potassium,pumice,etc.

raw material

Features of Ultra Fine Mill


In the same final fineness and power situation,40% high yield than jet mill and mixing mill;

2.Using the high degree of wearing parts

Under the condition of the same fineness of materials and finished products,the service life is longer than turbine crusher wear parts,generally can reach more than a year;ultra fine mill price

3.High safely and reliability

There are no rolling bearings and bolts in grinding cavity,so problems caused by boltsshedding or wear of bearings and seal components will never happen;

4.High product fineness

Product fineness can reach d97 is less than 5micron;

5.Environmental protection

The use of pulse dust catcher and the muffler reduce the dust pollution and noise,meet the national environmental protection standard,on the surrounding environment have played an important role in environmental protection.

Working Principle of Ultra Fine Mill

The main bearing and each dial are driven by electromotor of main machine throughreducer,and numbers of roller which are rolling in the ring,which are driven by dial through plunger.

Large pieces of material by the hammer crusher broken into small particles into the storage bin by elevator electromagnetic vibrating feeder will material evenly to the upper part of the rotary table bulk tray,the material under the action of centrifugal force on the circle around,and falling into the grinding ring raceway is ring roller stamping,stone grinding,grinding and crushing,after the first layer of crushed material into the second and third floors,high pressure centrifugal fan suction effect make the external air suction into the machine,and bring the material into the classifier after crushing.

Inside the classifier rotating turbine makes the particle materials back resharpening,fine powder with airflow into the cyclone powder machine and by the lower part of the discharge valve discharge is the finished product,and the air with a small amount of fine dust after impulse precipitator purification through the fan and muffler discharge.ultra fine mill structure

Advantages of Ultra Fine Mill

1.Low investment cost.
2.High milling yield.
3.Unworn low loss.
4.Grinding cavity operation safe and reliable.
5.High fineness of the final product.

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