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Grid Ball Mill

Grid Ball Mill

Type  :  Mill Equipment       Capacity  :  0.65-300t/h

Application field  :  It is used in metallurgy,chemical industry,building materials,water conservancy,mining,construction industry,etc.  
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Introduction of Grid Ball Mill

Bearing adopts oil lubrication system,thus help bearing internal dirt cleaning and reduce the bearing attrition during normal operation.hongji ball mill reduces replacement frequency of easily damaged parts at the most extent.Lining plates,steel balls are made of high chrome steel,which is very wear-resisting and durable,brings a lot of advantages for ball mill maintenance and working.

Structure of Grid Ball Mill

Grid type ball mill is mainly composed of feeding device,main bearing,liner,cylinder,manhole,discharge grid plates,end cover plate,big gear,coupling,gearing etc.

grid ball mill

Advantages of Grid Ball Mill

1.Grid ball mill adopts antifriction bearing instead of sliding bearings,which reduces friction and save consumption.

2.Discharging part adopts cone design,which can increase the volume,compels classification of steel ball,and makes the diameter of steel ball smaller,so that it can improve the precision of grinding.

3.It adopts groove circular plate,which increases connecting area, strengthens the grinding function,and reduces the power.

4.It adopts the whole frame,convenient for civil construction and device installation.

Working principle of Grid Ball Mill

Grid type ball mill is horizontal ball mill,motor through the gear reducer drive across the bridge when the cylinder rotary device driver,the grinding body due to the effect of inertial centrifugal force,attached on the mill cylinder liner board face with rotary,when it was taken to a certain height,under the effect of gravity and centrifugal force have thrown down and crushing the material into the cylinder body material crushing,grinding body in addition to a rising and falling cycling movement,also produces sliding and rolling,the grinding medium,liner and be grinding materials doing grinding and the material of ground;

grid ball mill

materials under impact crushing and grinder grinding at the same time,by feeding and discharging the material itself materials surface height difference,make the material flow by feeding end to discharging end slowly, finish grinding work.

In addition to Ball mill,other main machinery of Hongji have:Crusher,Rotary Dryer,Rotary Kiln,Coal Gasifier,Fertilizer Machinery,Mineral Separation,etc.

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