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Overflow Ball Mill

Overflow Ball Mill

Type  :  Mill Equipment       Capacity  :  0.65-300t/h

Application field  :  It is widely used in ore beneficiation plants,cement industry,refractory industry,chemical industry,etc.The overflow type ball mill is used to grinding materials in wet condition.Compared with dry process ball mill,the biggest difference is --- its end cover is cone shaped.On the end cover there is only one wave lining plate.The biggest advantage is that it can dress low grade magnetic iron ore with high-precision.  
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  • Calcite Ore Case
  • Gypsum Ore Case
  • Silver Ore Case
  • Magnetite Ore Case

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Introduction of Overflow Ball Mill

overflow ball millThe main component of wet overflow ball mill is a cylinder with bigger diameter and smaller length which is revolved by transmitting machinery.

Materials are put in cylinder through the feed opening and then thoroughly grinded.The falling course of iron balls and ores can produce huge falling impact and autogenous grinding.

The continuous feeding of ores can create considerable pressure to make ores move from feed opening toward discharge opening.

Finally,acceptable particles are discharged from the discharge opening.Hollow shaft with the anti-spiral blade returns the steel ball and the coarse ore block.

Working Principle of Overflow Ball Mill

Overflow ball mill work as the rotation of the cylinder and moment of grinding media,ore material after broken gradually spread to the right,the last out of the right of the hollow shaft neck overflow,thus its name.Main processing clinker,stone,gypsum,fly ash,slag,etc.

Due to the overflow type ball mill has simple structure,management and maintenance is convenient, the price is low,when used for fine grinding is better than grate,so many manufacturer use it.Overflow Ball Mill

Advantages of Overflow Ball Mill

1. Adopt large diameter double roller bearings.It is easy to maintain and has high efficiency.

2. Adopt cone structure around the discharging part,which makes ball mill stable.It can grind the materials more fine because the diameter of steel ball is very small.

3. Adopt the whole steel frame and the precision of installation is very high.

4. The equipment works stably,reduces downtime and maintenance, and improves the efficiency.The ball mill adopts drum feeder instead of joint feeder and does not have inertial impaction.

In addition to Ball mill,other main machinery of Hongji have:Crusher,Rotary Dryer,Rotary Kiln,Coal Gasifier,Fertilizer Machinery,Mineral Separation,etc.

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