Sand and Gravel Aggregate Production Line Process

Nov.15, 2022
Taking a machine-made sand and gravel aggregate production line as an example, the front end of the production line adopts the crushing and screening processes of jaw crusher, screening, cone crusher, impact sand making machine and finished product screening. Common device configuration schemes are as follows:
1. Coarse crushing feeding equipment
There are mainly two types of coarse crushing feeding equipment: bar feeder and heavy plate feeder. In the process of feeding, the bar feeder can also achieve preliminary screening to remove some impurities such as soil.
2. Coarse crushing equipment
In the production of sand and gravel aggregate, jaw crusher is a common coarse crushing equipment, which crushes larger materials into medium-sized materials, which is convenient for the next step of crushing.

3. Intermediate stockpile
The intermediate stockpile after coarse crushing can be divided into two sections with different operating rates. When the equipment in the front section cannot operate normally due to mine supply, road transportation, equipment maintenance, etc., the equipment in the latter section can continue to produce by relying on the material stored in the intermediate stockpile. .
4. Pre-screening before medium crushing
Through pre-screening, the materials smaller than the medium crushing discharge particle size are screened out in advance without entering the medium crushing equipment, so as to avoid excessive crushing. It is also possible to control the amount of material fed into the medium-fine crushing or shaping equipment and the maximum feeding particle size through the pre-screened screen size. After optimized configuration, the selection specifications of the crushing equipment can be reduced or the number of equipment can be reduced.
5. Intermediate crushing equipment
The medium crushing cone crusher and the pre-screen constitute a closed-circuit system, so the pre-screen is also used for inspection and screening. The material under the screen <12mm can be directly used as the raw material of the machine-made sand without entering the crushing system, which can avoid excessive crushing, and also It is beneficial to release the capacity of the crushing system.
6. Shaping sand making equipment
The third stage of crushing adopts a vertical shaft crusher, which has the dual functions of crushing and shaping. After the material is crushed and shaped by the vertical shaft crusher, it is fed into the finished product screen, and the finished product screen and the vertical shaft crusher form a closed circuit system.
7. Finished product screening equipment
A flap valve is installed at the hopper of the finished product screening, which can return a part of the finished aggregate to the vertical shaft crusher for re-crushing, so as to adjust the output ratio of the final product and make the system control more flexible.
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