Fully Hydraulic Cone Crusher Breaks Rocks

Jan.31, 2023
The two common crushers in the crushing production line are the jaw crusher and the cone crusher, and the cone crusher is also one of the most popular crushers, and its crushing technology has been constantly updated. This article analyzes several advantages of hydraulic cone crushers:
Has a large crushing force
Combining higher speed and stroke, the rated power and passing capacity of the full hydraulic cone crusher are greatly improved, and the crushing ratio and production efficiency are improved.
Use for less
The fully hydraulic cone crusher has reasonable structure, advanced crushing principle and technical parameters, reliable operation and low operating cost.
All components of the full hydraulic cone crusher are made of domestic high-strength wear-resistant materials, and the service life is nearly 30% higher than that of the old spring crusher. Not limited to the increase in service life, the maintenance cost of the full hydraulic cone crusher during use is also greatly increased reduce. It overcomes the disadvantages of high energy consumption of the spring cone crusher and rapid wear of the hammer head, impact plate and liner.
Excellent particle shape of laminated and crushed products
By adopting the special crushing cavity designed by the principle of intergranular lamination and the matching speed, it replaces the traditional single-particle crushing principle to achieve selective crushing of materials, which significantly increases the proportion of fine materials and cube content of the product, to a great extent. Needle flake material is reduced on the top.
Hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity clearing
The hydraulic adjustment of the discharge port and the overload protection greatly improve the operation level of the crusher, making maintenance easier, more convenient to operate, and shorter downtime; , Automatic discharge, breaking the problem that the spring cone crusher needs to be shut down for manual discharge.


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