Construction Waste Treatment - Hongji Mobile Crushing Station

Nov.14, 2023
The mobile crushing and screening station produced by Hongji adopts a multi-stage combination mode, which can be combined with jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screening equipment conveyor belt, etc. to achieve coarse crushing, secondary crushing and secondary crushing of materials. Finely crush and sift. The mobile crushing and screening station has two walking modes: crawler type and tire type, and can be configured accordingly according to the customer's job site conditions.
The mobile crushing and screening station has outstanding advantages:
Highly mobile, the mobile crushing and screening station has high strength, excellent performance, and compact structure. It adopts a crawler type or tire type traveling chassis, so that the machine can be easily moved or transported.
Flexible combination, the mobile station adopts integrated equipment installation form, which eliminates the complicated work of component installation and reduces the consumption of materials and man-hours.
It has strong adaptability. The mobile crushing station can be used independently. It can also provide more flexible machine process configurations according to different requirements of customers to meet the various requirements of users for mobile crushing and mobile screening. It has advantages in operation and transportation. High flexibility.
The transportation cost is low, and the mobile station can handle raw materials nearby, greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials.
Hongji Group not only provides customers with high-quality production equipment, but also provides customers with engineering design and EPC general contracting services, tailor-made production solutions, and allows customers to join the sand and gravel market well and quickly.


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