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Talc is a common silicate minerals, it is very soft and has a creamy texture, talc Holmes hardness is 1. The general talc is blocky, leaf-like, fibrous or radial, color is white, gray,which will contain other impurities due with various colors. Talc has many applications, such as refractories, paper making, rubber filler, pesticide absorbers, leather coatings, cosmetic materials, carving materials and so on.

Hongji ball mill can accept 20mm or less, hardness of 6 or less non-flammable materials, such as talc milling, finished products final product fineness is mainly distributed between 5-45 microns. Hongji group can provide different size of talc production line according to requirements.

They preferred talc shipped from the quarry to remove gangue; Then using primary crusher machine (jaw crusher) for rough crushing, and then using mill machine pulverized to obtain fine talcum powder, and finally using grading machine for milling, the required size talcum powder is the final product, otherwise the large size materials will return ball mill machine for re-grinding.

Talc wet production process: firstly, dry powder made into a suspension sent into grinding mill machine for further milling, dehydration in dryer , fine talcum powder obtained after drying.

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